Export your Canvas quizzes into printable PDFs!

Canvas by Instructure do not natively support exporting quizzes into PDFs and must be recreated manually using word processors or using paid thrid-party solutions. The ability to print quizzes is the most requested feature for Canvas.

You can print quizzes using the built-in browser functionality, however not all of the question types are supported, such as dropdowns and matching questions. Answer key need to made separately and it takes a lot of space and wastes paper when you print.

Edustrap is a tool for converting Canvas quizzes into printable PDFs. You can generate up to four versions of a quiz and have an answer key for each automatically.

What are some of the needs of having a hard copy of Canvas quizzes?

  • Paper backup
  • Student accommodations
  • Institution requirements
  • Offline testing

There are many reasons to have a hard copy of a quiz but the aforementioned are some of the common reasons.

How do I use this website?

You will need a Canvas account in order to export quizzes into a zip file (QTI Package) and upload the file on here. At the moment quizzes containing question groups are not supported as well as New Quizzes as they cannot be exported.

  1. Go into your course settings.
  2. Select "Export Course Content".
  3. Select "Quiz" for "Export Type".
  4. Uncheck "All Quizzes" and check intended quiz.
  5. Select "Create Export" then download.
  6. Upload the file on here

For an in depth guide on exporting quiz content, refer to Canvas LMS Community